Writing in the woods

And So It Begins

Not only a new chapter, but a whole new book!

I cannot wait to share it with you all.  For anyone that has been following along on my journey for a few years, you may recall that I previously had a blog that was dedicated solely to my artwork.  I went through a bit of a creative drought and let my site expire and I slowly disappeared into the shadows…. although, those shadows in my world are mountain tops, gorgeous ravines, days at the lake, hikes with my dog and any other way that I could get out and explore nature.  So no… my shadows really aren’t dark at all, but are in fact quite fantastic!

Over the past two years I have done very little painting, but I have been exploring, hiking, soaking in the beauty and collecting a plethora of inspiring photos, knowing full well that my inspiration to paint would return to me and wanting to be prepared for the day that it did.

And then it happened, seemingly overnight, I was struck with such an overwhelming urge to paint that it was keeping me up at night and so I have began painting again, and doing so with fierce excitement.

As I thought about how I would like to reintroduce myself into the world, I knew that I really needed to combine my passions onto one platform and since this is my blog and I get to do whatever the heck I want to I will be sharing a combination of hiking trip reports with my artwork.   My artwork has always been fueled by my lifestyle and so I will set out to give you a transparent, rambling view into my thoughts, dreams, hopes and adventures.

I would love for you to join me on this adventure into the unknown so please feel free to comment with any place that you would like to see me visit (in my region), or what you wish I would paint, or even a favorite memory of a place that you have visited. I love to be inspired by You and your stories as well!

So, come along with me!  It is time for Adventures in Paint and Nature!

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